Conquest of Kings


The Conquest of Kings event is a PVP event specifically between the guilds in game. Guilds must "declare war" in order to participate in the event. Any member can do this. Once war is declared, your guild will be matched up with other guilds of similar attack strength, fighting to win Conquest Points.

Before your guild declares war though, you need to nominate a Guild Guardian. This Guild Guardian acts as protection against the opposing guild. As long as your Guild Guardian is up, the rest of your guild cannot be attacked. At this time, the Guardian gets 100 "Shield Points", which acts as their "health". Each unsuccessful attack against the Guardian will take away 10 Shield Points. A successful attack will take all of the Shield Points. Once these points are at 0, the Guild Guardian is defeated and the rest of the guild is vulnerable to attack.

Guild members will have the option to use a "power attack" that will provide a 50% increase in stats. However, you will use all your health to achieve the increase. Also, unsuccessful power attacks against the Guild Guardian will take away 50 Shield Points.

Each war lasts 60 minutes. At the end of the 60 minutes, the side that has the most Conquest Points wins. During the war, there are two ways to get Conquest Points: attacking members of the opposing guild and attacking their walls and castle. You receive more Conquest Points for defeating players then for attacking the structures; however you must defeat the player to get the points, while simply attacking the structures will get you points. Players use health points to attack, similar to the boss events. Successful attacks will also award XP and valor to the victor's account.

Another thing to keep in mind is that until the walls go down, you will only receive half the points possible for defeating another player. Each guild will start with one wall per war and it cannot be replaced during a war. Your top wall will be used up by each "war" your guild engages in, regardless of whether it was completely destroyed or not. The guild will be able to attack the castle after the wall is down. It is there solely for points and adds nothing to a guild's defense.

At the end of the event, the guild with the most Conquest Points will win the region being contested. The region will be highlighted on the map as conquered and will not come up again.

Please visit the in-game FAQs for more information. Finally, please keep in mind that specifications for Conquest of Kings will continue to evolve and improve over time.

We'd wish you luck but you don't need luck. You need strategy. Be ready.